Monday, 30 March 2015

Connect(0102) ----contra trade sold today

Hv sold Connect at 0.185....bought at 0.175(25/3) for a profit gain of 5.71%

Mpay (0156) n Takaso(7071) -----contra counters sold today

Hv sold mpay at 0.275....bought at 0.265(25/3) for a profit gain of  3.77%

Cut loss takaso at 0.485...bought at 0.51(24/3)

Thursday, 26 March 2015

Contra Trade

Hv pick up xxx at 0.37....cut loss at ?? (known to my subscribers)for contra trade...

Will update at *Contra trade for March* when it is done.

Symphny (0016) ---- Took Profits

Hv cleared all Symphny at 0.18 today....bought on 25/3 at 0.17 for a nice profit gain of 5.88%

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Pick up another counter

Hv pick up another counter at 0.265....cut loss at at ??

Pick up another contra trade

Hv pick up another contra trade...Xxx at 0.175....cut loss at at ??

Will update when it is done at *Contra trades for March*

Contra contra for today

Hv pick up Xxx at 0.17....cut loss at at ?? (known to my subscribers).

Will update to *Contra trade for March* when the trade is done.