Friday, 20 September 2013

Reading Chart.

Someone ask me  how I read the chart.

10 Person looking at the same chart,would have come up with 10 different opinion.

For newbies a chart is just a chart.                                                                                                        

For those with experiences,they know that all the informations and all the insider moves

are there, before being make known to the public but there is more...........

A picture speaks a thousand words.But the chart can be painted..... by those who wants

you to believe what you see.For those with well trained eyes and experiences,they

are able to see through this *trap*.

It takes years to really learnt.... how to master the art of chart reading if you are learning

from the school of hard knocks.Basic TA is a *must*for those who wants to know

more about the share market.

For me ,I am able to see more things from the chart and able to anticipate the next

moves, to make more profitable trades.

It takes a lot of financial power to move the market.See how I predicted with deadly

accuracy on the FBMKLCI. ( refer to all my postings on it ).

( Just my thoughts )