Sunday, 28 April 2013

FBMKLCI  Analysis ( The way I look at it )


As predicted in my last week analysis,the CI is now going into uncharted area.

After the past 10 days of consolidation the CI will climb higher once it breaks the

last  record high at 1718.08.

I am looking for more bullish days ahead.

The CI will set another record very soon......most likely in a week`s time.

Support is now pegged at........1700.00.

( Just my 2 cent opinion )

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Get Ready For The Ride.

Thanks to all who response positively to my reply...

The recommended stock is about to leave the station now.....

Enjoy the ride.....and good luck to you all.....

P/S.........The stock will be posted here,once the trade is done.

Sunday, 21 April 2013

Important Notice To All Would Be Members.

Thanks for all the emails,do check your email for my reply.

For maximum buy when market opens tomorrow...

Happy Trading and Good Luck!!!

Monday, 15 April 2013

KLCI analysis ( The way I look at it )

After hitting the high at 1716.47,the CI goes into

consolidation mode.

Profits taking is going on now,it will takes a few

days before it resumes its course upwards.

Support is now at 1688.75

( Just my 2 cent opinion )

Thursday, 11 April 2013

KLCI Analysis ( The way I look at it )


As predicted last week, the KLCI was trading between 1679.82~~1700.

Today it finally breaks above 1700.

Closing in the morning at 1707.01.( The highest was at 1708.97 )

To expects more bullish days to come....

( Just my 2 cent opinion )

Thursday, 4 April 2013

FBMKLCI  Analysis update.( The way I look at it.)

Chart analysis

Early morning,from the word..*GO*...the CI shooting up past the magical number

1700 ( the highest 1700.55 so far ).

The BULLS are in charge for the whole day,the BEARS are weakening.......

More bullish days are expected from now on......

The trading range now is from 1679.82~~~1700,before climbing up higher...

As predicted yesterday, the CI touches 1700.55 in the morning from the word ..GO...

Will post tonight where the CI will be heading..........
FBMKLCI  Analysis  ( The way I look at it )

Chart Analysis

This morning the CI is like a roller,furious and swift.

The BEARS push the CI down( 52 points) to the low 1632.28 but the BULLS

fight back to closed the CI at 1685.40 ( +0.40 ).What a fight!!!

I am looking more bullish now,the CI will hit 1700 very soon......

( Just my 2 cent opinion )

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

When dissolution of Parliament is announced, all blue chips fell heavily

but all my counters are holding up well....some even increase in price.

Now that the news is more bad news...all my counters will

move up....

Enjoy the ride from now.......( for all my members )
This morning when dissolution of Parliament is announced, FBMKLCI drops

to a low of....1632.28 but now climb back to 1670.41 (climb back 38 points).
The news is out,Parliament is confirmed dissolve today..,
The Magical Rule Of 72

By applying the rule of 72,you will know the time taken to double your


Case 1 ( FD )

   4%(FD)/yr       = no.of yr to double your money.

                           = 18 yrs.

Case 2 ( Investment )

    8% per mth      = no. of mth to double your money.

                            = 9 mths.

Its very obvious from the above,through investment your money will double up faster.

( Only if you know how to make consistent profitable trades)

( Just my 2 cent opinion )..




Tuesday, 2 April 2013

A Big Thank You to those who have show interests in my private blog...

The invitation to my private blog is now closed.Those who have email me,

the date will be made known to you soon.

Happy trading and good luck......

Monday, 1 April 2013


Lets say for the next 10 trades you make a consistent 8% profits....

1) RM 10,000   X  8%  = RM 10800

2) RM 10,800   X  8%  = RM 11,664

3) RM 11,664   X   8%  = RM 12,597

4) RM 12,597   X   8%  = RM 13,604

5) RM 13,604   X   8%  = RM 14,692

6) RM 14,692   X   8%  = RM 15,867

7) RM 15,867   X   8%  = RM 17,136

8) RM 17,136   X   8%  = RM 18,506

9) RM 18,506   X   8%  = RM 19,986

10)RM 19,986  X   8%  = RM 21,584

The above is just a simple much you can make if you know the

right way to trade profitably.If you dont know how,ask your remiser...for the name of

the customer who make consistent profits...OR ...follow a consistent proven profitable


( You be laughing all the way to the bank when you join a winning team....)

( Just my 2 cent opinion )