Friday, 9 August 2013

The Rules Of 72.

How to makes your *Money* grows more .....

Example :

1) Putting money into FD ( says 4% a year ).

    Using the *Rules of 72*,your money will double up in 18 years.
     72 divide by 4% ( a year ) = 18 years.

2) Putting money into share investment,with a return of  8% a month.

    Using the *Rules of 72*,see what happens.....

     72 divide by 8% a mth.  = 9 mths. to double up.

It is obvious from the above that share investments will give you a better returns.

And not forgetting investing in properties also gives you good returns.

To be successful in trading shares,you needs to know the market well.You are

up against the *smartest and experienced*who think of ways and means to take

money away from you.You needs to have good knowledge (FA or TA),years

of experiences and a consistent winning strategy and not forgetting a lot of hard

works to achieve your dream of making more money.Trading in shares like

running your own business will more than often helps you to make the right decision.