Friday, 1 February 2013


A very big "Thank You" to all of you.

You have make the right decision to join me.

My "GOAL" is to turn Mr. Market into a "ATM" cash machine for all my members.

The "Money " is on the table to take...but there is a catch,Mr. Market only give it

to those who knows the way........

( For just a token daily coffee treats,you get back many Starbucks coffee

in return...)

What is Leverage ???

1) Share margin finance

    The bank lends you money to buy more shares in the market.In return the bank

    charges very low interest rate.It is a two edged sword.You can double your profits

    and you can also loses your pants.Only use this facility in a bull market.

2) Tips from Remiser

   Dont ask tips from your remiser.Ask him for the name of the customer who wins

   most of the time."Leverage" on this person`s experiences.

3) For businesses

   Before launching a new product,most companies will make sure their existing Brand

   is well established in the market.Leverage on this,they will be able to build on their

   distribution networks and good rapport with their customers.


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