Saturday, 22 June 2013

NO UMA issued for----Bjtoto,Bkawan,,Cbip,Coastal,Hsplant,Tdm,Jcy,Star.


1) Bjtoto

2) Bkawan

3) Cbip

4) Coastal

5) Hsplant

6) Tdm




Bursa have confirmed trades are valid and genuine.There is no reversing to

the original price come this Monday.


1) Some said the above are done through "Married Deals".

    What are "Married Deals"???

    Married Deals are off market deals agreeable between an Institution Buyer and Seller

    over a block of shares at a fixed price.

2) Why would the SELLER sell to the BUYER at such a low price???( 30% discount ).

    A smart SELLER would sell to the current market and get a better price.

    All the above 6, are fundamentally strong counters. 

3) Why would the BUYER acquired the counters( Jcy,Star ) at such a high

    price from the SELLER?.He could get it much cheaper from the current market.

4) Why all the Trades are done 10 mins before closing time???Why not earlier???

MY ANALYSIS.( Just my 1 cent opinion ).

I have detected Programme Buying/Selling on the above 8 counters.

Hundreds of trade done with different volumes on the above counters

over a short period of 2 seconds.It is manually impossible to key

in such a large orders.

WHAT WOULD HAPPEN ??? ( Just my 1 cent opinion ).

Come next week, I am expecting the counters to be goreng up....

( To buy or not....the decision and risks are yours.....)

Just a note.

What a coincident, Jcy ( my runaway train ) is running faster now.....

see if you can catch it...( And again ,all my private blog members

are laughing all the way to the.........BANK.  ) 


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