Saturday, 26 December 2015

NEW YEAR 2016 'ANG POWs' ??

Esceram is now on the impulsive wave 3 with a tp at 0.885~0.95

Buy in at 0.47

Cut loss at 0.415

TP  at 0.885~0.95 at your own risk.

Homeriz is now on the impulsive wave 3.....with tp at 1.61

Buy in at 1.16

Cut loss at 1.05 at your own risk.

Ifcamsc is now unfolding the corrective wave B....with tp at 1.335

Buy in at 0.96

Cut loss at 0.915 at your own risk.

Seacera is now unfolding the last impulsive wave 5.....with tp at 1.285~1.435

Buy in at 1.06

Cut loss at 0.945 at your own risk.

NOTE......The above is just my2c opinion....Do have your trading plan b4 you make your DECISION.

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