Saturday, 29 October 2016

FCPO (palmoil) UPDATE(29/10/16)......ALTERNATE WAVES COUNT.


After completing w1....the w2 retracement ( pullback ) is now done.

Is now processing the w3....

Minor wave "a" is done.

Now unfolding nicely the minor "b" retracement towards 2717...

The final target for this w3 is around will be done in a 5 waves structures...

The major downtrend will resumes after this...

p/s.....the above is just my2c opinion....Trade at Your Own Risk.

NOTE : I am now focusing on trading the futures ( FKLI and FCPO ). It is more profitable to trading in the direction of the it up or down.Holding period is much shorter than trading shares.Will do it on a daytrading basis.....meaning holding 1~3 days.

For those interested to subscribes to my existing groups ( Fkli & Fcpo ), please email me ( ) for more details.

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